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Zx Online Ltd. is one of the market leaders in Bangladesh providing internet solutions as well as broadband internet services through Fiber Optic connections. Zx Online Ltd. has distinguished and satisfied clients to whom we have already provided our services. Zx Online Ltd. has huge subscriber based in Dhaka and has spread its POP (Points of Presence) so that we can provide connectivity at any location in Bangladesh.

In Zx Online Ltd. each & every department is fully automated to operate its own administrative and operational activities. It has built up fiber optic network with alternative redundant backbone within the capital city Dhaka. Most of the coverage’s are already under the service through underground cabling.

We have already signed up with the leading local internet distributors/cyber cafés. Our customer list also shows that we have an extensive client base for successful implementation. Only we have the expert on board with enough training and exposure to be able to complete and maintain such tasks smoothly and reliably.



New Hot Lines

For better customer service we have changed our call center decoration, please note our new Hot Line; 09611622633 Or mail us at, support@zxonlineltd.com