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Dedicated Bandwidth

We provide dedicated full duplex optical fiber line, Zx Online Ltd. Networks holds exclusive licenses for the use of spectrum and by deploying one of the largest subscriber base in Dhaka; we are able to bring any body in greater Dhaka under our coverage areas. We maintain monitoring service to the existing client from our NOC (Network operating department).

Tecnical Specification

  • Commissioning Time: Within 3 - 5 working days after the work order
  • Uptime Guarantee: 99.5% (record of maintaining 99.9% uptime)
  • Latency Roundtrip: Within 200ms to 350ms (depending on the location)
  • Helpdesk: 24/7 Call Center & Online Help Desk and onsite support from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Monitoring Tools: Will provide MRTG URL for bandwidth usages monitoring.
  • Connectivity: Client has to ensure the physical connectivity from their end to our end.
  • End Point Connectivity Device: Provide 1500mm 10/100 Media Converter in case of dark core or other.
  • Attachment Document with PO: ISP / Trade License Scan copy / phtocopy


For price and further enquiries, please Contact with us

Terms and Conditions:

1. All services are prepaid on monthly basis
2. Installation charge is applicable.
3. Zx Online Ltd is not liable for any download due to disruption in SEMEWE4 fiber backbone.
4. Rerouting is not allowed at any point. ISP license holder reserves the rights of bandwidth management.
5. Govt. defined unlawful activities prohibited. 


New Hot Lines

For better customer service we have changed our call center decoration, please note our new Hot Line; 09611622633 Or mail us at, support@zxonlineltd.com