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What is IP-Phone?

Somebody calls it VoIP, broadband phone or digital voice service or internet phone – but another name of all of these service is IP-PHONE. People call it Internet phone because actually this phone uses your internet connection. Similarly as your BTCL land phone uses cable and your mobile phone uses wireless/frequency.


How to use IP-Phone?

To use IP-Phone, you need a IP-Phone software or IP-Phone Handset. IP-Phone handset is bit expensive. So we recommend to use a Soft-Phone in your Computer. You need to have a computer connected to the Internet, with the necessary hardware to speak and listen (either a headset or speakers and a microphone). You can install voice communication software like Skype (we recommend Pangolin) and you are ready to talk.

Click here to download SoftPhone for your computer.


Call Rate Chart

The call cost to any domestic operator (BTCL, PSTN & Any Mobile)is as low as taka 0.60 (Sixty Paisa) including VAT. Price is subject to change as per the instruction by BTRC.  Please Click here to download International call rate.


Payment options

Prepaid balance adding system service is available. Just recharge in your IP-Phone account and call within the amount. We also have Postpaid billing system service against minimum Security Deposit per line will act as Credit Limit.


Internet Bandwidth

As per Bangladesh Government rule, IP-Phone must not use internet bandwidth. All the ISPs of Bangladesh uses the National Internet Exchange (NIX) for their domestic data transfer. IP-Phone uses that data connectivity for voice calls, not any internet bandwidth. Also per call requires only kilobits per second (kbps) level of bandwidth which is very negligible compare to local bandwidth.


What is the benefit to use IP Telephony?

Benefit using IP Telephony is that, you will get free and unlimited IP phone to IP phone call, and also can receive and make calls to any Domestic and International operator from IP Phone in more cheaper prices than other operators.


If I make a call to others IPTSP operator, will it be free?

Yes, All IPTSP to IPTSP call is free of charge. But you have to recharge at least TK-100/= (One Hundred Only) per month, otherwise your number will be blocked.


What are the bandwidth requirements for IP phone?

Normally it requires from 6 kbps to 64 kbps (depends on codec) for voice and 128kbps to 512kbps for video call. If your internet service provider is a member of BDIX (Bangladesh Internet Exchange) only then you can make calls from IP Phone.


What is Codecs?

A Codec converts an analog signal to a digital one for transmission over a data network. Mostly using codecs are GSM, ITU G.711, ITU G.729.


IP Telephony Benefits

Key benefits of IP telephony also include:

     * Lowest call rate
     * Per second pulse
     * Call facility to any Oparator
     * Hosted IP PABX
     * Video Calling DID Hunting Number



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