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Server Management

We provide end to end client solution as per client’s requirements. Our server management team highly efficient at the side.


What included 

Fast Emergency Response
We make every effort to keep your system running smoothly, but sometimes even finely tuned machines break. Rest assured, if something does go wrong, fixing it will be our top priority.

Permanent Fixes
When you tell us about a problem, we take it very seriously. That’s why we always fully investigate the underlying causes and make sure that our solution will solve the issue for good.

Service Monitoring
We continuously monitor your server for service availability, disk usage, software updates and other critical statistics. If a problem comes up, chances are we’ll have handled it before you even notice.

Linux OS Updates
We provide regular updates for your server’s operating system so you never have to worry about it.

Control Panel Updates
No need to ask about your control panel either. We’ll always apply updates as soon as they’re safe to be released.

Configuration Management
If you need a new feature or change in your server, we’ll advise you on how best to implement it and get it done for you.

Performance Tuning
Slow sites lose visitors. We keep your site loading fast so that doesn’t happen.

Data Backup
Our near continuous offsite backups mean that even in the worst catastrophes, your data will be protected.

Server Security
Hackers can destroy data, keep servers offline and steal sensitive information. Our security audits will identify weaknesses in your system and correct them so your server is prepared for any attack.

Honest Advice
Servers are complicated pieces of equipment. If you ever have any questions, don’t be afraid to consult us. We’ll help you find the answer, even if that means directing you to another company. 


Contact us for server management plan and price. 


New Hot Lines

For better customer service we have changed our call center decoration, please note our new Hot Line; 09611622633 Or mail us at, support@zxonlineltd.com